RV Parts near Rowland Heights

Do you currently have an RV, boat, travel trailer, utility trailer or horse trailer? If so, Modern Trailer Supply has all the components you need! Our store was established in 1947 and has been family owned since then. We have over 7,000 trailer parts for both contemporary and vintage trailers. We believe that our customers continue to come back to our travel trailer parts store because of our service, expertise and long-lasting connection with the trailer community. Please find some of the most commonly request trailer components:

RV Plumbing near Rowland Heights

Are you looking for RV plumbing supplies near Rowland Heights? Our RV components store has RV exterior freshwater supplies, RV faucet components, RV freeze protection components, RV plumbing fittings, RV shower accessories, RV sinks and more!

In addition, one of the benefits of working with contemporary Trailer Supply is the that we offer replacement components for almost all recreational vehicles. We know that almost every RV owner will encounter problems with their RV plumbing and that's why we offer some of the industry's lowest cost sinks, toilet components and faucet handless.

RV Water Pumps near Rowland Heights

Do you need a 12 Volt RV water pump? Obviously, it's very important to have water run to your sink, shower and toilet. Our trailer store in El Monte, California has a large variety of affordable trailer water pumps. In fact, the majority of our employees can guide you in the simple installation process.

However, some of the features you should look for when purchasing a RV water pump are the amperage, PSI (Pound Force per square inch) and gallons per minute. You can easily locate this valuable information at current Trailer Supply!

RV Electrical Parts near Rowland Heights CA.

RV electrical adapters, RV extension cords, male and female camper plugs, RV surge protectors, RV hatches, RV power outlets, RV breakers and fuses or RV solar panels?

As you know, Trailer electrical supplies are necessary when traveling. Our team at Modern Trailer Supply has one of the industry's largest RV electric selections. We offer electrical components in both male and female components with between 15amps to 30amps.

Do you need more power? Look no further than current Trailer Supply! We have hundreds of RV extension cords that will help you hook up from a distance and have access to your water, appliances and electrical necessities.

Our male and female camper plugs assure that your electrical needs will be taken care of. We carry all male and female electric components including terminals, replacement plugs, amp plugs, receptacles and much more!

Our trailer surge protectors will help protect your expense electric equipment in your trailer. In addition, these amazing gadgets will help your electronics from shorting out as well. current Trailer Supply offers RV inverters, isolators and RV power outlets. Make sure you pick up one of our RV surge protectors so that you can protect your trailer and its electrical equipment!

As you know, the purpose of trailer hatches is so that you can protect your RV cables and plugs. It's obvious that electricity and water do not mix. So, for the small cost of a trailer hatch, you can save yourself a lot of headache and money compared to the cost of your entire electrical system. Our trailer store offers a large variety of these components in all colors and sizes.

Are you looking for a new RV circuit breaker? We have a large variety of both breakers and fuses available in our El Monte trailer store. Also, while you're checking out our store, you might as well pick up one of our RV power converters because they're on sale!

Make sure to use our sun to power your recreational vehicle! We have a massive line of solar powered devices that will be useful for your RV electronics and appliances. Come in today and check out our large selection of trailer solar panels!

RV Plugs and Adapters near Rowland Heights

Does your trailer need running lights, electric cables, camper interior lights, replacement light bulbs or charging ports? Our store located in El Monte, CA has one of the widest selections of these trailer parts. Our owner has been working with recreational vehicle owners for nearly 74 years and knows exactly what trailer part goes with what trailer. In fact, our team has some of the leading industry experts on trailer parts installations.

Why Is Modern Trailer Supply Is The Best?

With more than 74 years of serving Southern California, we are one of the only companies that have over 7,000 parts in stock!.

If you are looking for trailer supplies, boat supplies or recreational vehicle supplies, Modern Trailer Supply is the place for you! We've been family owned since 1947 and have both vintage and modern parts in stock. In addition we strive to price match to any other local trailer companies. So come on town and visit Modern Trailer Supply! Our staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!

For over 74 years, Modern Trailer Supply has been family owned and operated.

We are locally centered in El Monte California and have a wide variety of products from lights, electrical equipment and accessories.

Why people choose us?

  • Knowledgable Experts
  • Huge Selection of Parts
  • Low Prices

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I really like this place. No matter how your day is.. They always treat you very nice. customer service is very good. They try helping you Very much. Thank you very much
Mario Ruedas Avatar
Mario Ruedas
5 star ratingThis place is a gem a hole in the wall full of anything you need to repair or upgrade any trailer. I came here looking for a matching spare wheel for my utility trailer and they had it in stock.
Arturo J. Avatar
Arturo J.
5 star ratingThis hidden gem has been in the same location since 1947 with second generation ownership. They have moved from post WWII trailers through campers and on to everything trailer. Whether they have it or not, the service and advice are beyond your expectations. Even if you only have a question, start here you will not be disappointed. They may be here for another 73 years with a reputation like theirs.
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Richard W.